Fred Proehl

Meet Freddy. He loves all the bands on Ronnie’s old Dog-X label, so you know he’s gonna love Xenos. Problem is, he might just love them too much. 


Meet Sally, singer for Xenos. Years ago, her old band ‘Polymorphs’ was signed to a large recording contract on Zing! records. Her bandmates, including her boyfriend Jimmy, celebrated into the night with friends. The next morning Sally found Jimmy naked next to someone else. They tried to overcome the rift, but the chemistry was gone. The contract was ripped up, the tapes destroyed, and Sally wondered what she was going to do next–until, years later, Duane approached her about Xenos.

Duane “Goldie” Goldfarb

Meet Duane “Goldie” Goldfarb, drummer of Xenos. Duane was never in another band, but he has plenty of money and equipment and will book a tour and do all the little things. He always wanted to be a rocker but never thought it could happen for him-until he had the idea to bankroll Xenos


Meet Brenda, bassist for Xenos. Her old band ‘A Coven of You’ was on a tour that was heating up in all the right ways when their van was T-boned by a drunken semi driver. Brenda was the lucky one who was ejected out the rear window and landed in a tree. The remaining members were less lucky, breaking backs and skulls and losing limbs. No one was in shape to play music again. Brenda thought she was under the curse of the Coven– until, years later, Duane “Goldie” Goldfarb recruited her into Xenos.


Meet Gil, guitarist for Xenos. His old band ‘C-Snakes’ had made a name for itself, and even got a decent payday with a small radio hit. Two of his three bandmates took the royalty check to the bank and never came back. Gil was on the hook for money C-Snakes had been given to record their next record which was also now missing with his bandmates. The drummer, incensed, tried to track them down, leaving Gil all alone-until, years later, Duane “Goldie” Goldfarb asked him to join Xenos


Meet Ronnie, tour manager for Xenos. Years ago, Ronnie’s record label put out the first records by A Coven of You, Polymorphs, and their cash cow C-Snakes. When tragedy after tragedy befell his artists, Ronnie finally hung up his label/manager hat-until, years later, Duane “Goldie” Goldfarb convinced him to manage Xenos

Detective Rita Hollister

Meet rookie homicide detective Rita Hollister. It came as a shock when she was chosen to fill the void left when detective John ‘Turo’ Turlinski was killed doing a dirty deal. In an effort to clean up the department, the homicide lieutenant promoted Rita, a green rookie cop who has known the lieutenant since she was three years old.

Needless to say, Rita’s promotion has rankled the detectives in vice, especially Monroe, who believes the job in homicide was stolen from him.
Rita’s first case gets off to a quick start when the lieutenant sends her and detective Willie Mack to the scene of the crime.

Detective Willie Mack

Meet detective Willie Mack. When John ‘Turo’ Turlinski was gunned down, Willie had just learned of his partner being on the take with a dangerous group of criminals. Unfortunately Willie had been on too many painkillers as a result of an on duty fall from a fire escape while trying to apprehend a suspect to act on the knowledge of Turo’s corruption.

Now Turo’s dead, Willie kicked the pill habit, and there’s a new case with a new partner. If only Willie could get vice detective Monroe off his back, they might be able to solve this thing.


Meet the Lieutenant. Faced with a tough decision when Turo’s death left a vacancy in her department, she opted to promote the one person she knew was not corrupt: a rookie cop she’d known since her childhood, Rita Hollister, the daughter of a good friend.

This shocked the entire police force, including the Loo’s superiors, who she suspected of not being exactly squeaky clean themselves. Pairing Hollister with the newly reformed veteran Willie Mack, the Lieutenant wonders if the duo is up to the job, and up to deal with the vitriol from Monroe and the rest of the vice crew.

Ms. Connell

Meet Patricia Connell….


Meet vice detective Monroe. He’s been running vice for years, no matter who is in charge on paper. In his tenure, the clean police moved on and he stocked vice with like minded bent cops. When Turo got killed, everyone thought Monroe would finally get that homicide gig he’d been after for so long, but the lieutenant promoted rookie cop Rita Hollister instead. Monroe was incensed, and vowed retaliation. To make matters worse, they brought back Willie Mack the pill head, and something had to be done. But what would it be?

Sometimes things just fall in your lap.

Officer Blum

Meet Officer Jerry Blum….