Back Story

Five years ago I was making short films with friends; Grant Reinero, Brian Desjean, Demetrius Antuna and Eric Howarth.
As we wrapped production on a 20 min short called ‘A Forest’ I asked my colleagues what we needed to do to make a feature length film.

Grant Reinero, the most learned of us in the ways of filmmaking, laid out an exhaustive list. After hearing it, I said ‘Just show up with your cameras and lighting and sound equipment, and I’ll take care of all that.’

This was an extremely bold statement.

As we were all musicians, we decided to make a rock and roll movie. Another reason for this is the fact that I work The Casbah, and we could film there and at other independent venues in town for free. In fact, making a zero budget movie, we could use three things for free that would cost others quite a bit, potentially: venues as I mentioned, musicians, and musical instruments.

I said I would crank out a plot, and we would go from there. I busted it out, they liked it, and I took the next month to write the script. Fanboy was being born!

Next up: Casting