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San Diego musician and bartender makes his first movie called ‘Fanboy’


‘Fanboy’ Thriller Shows Off San Diego Music Scene

SD Union-Tribune

How San Diego musician Ben Johnson gave his heart, soul and pinky to make his first movie


In his debut film, a rock ‘n’ roll thriller called “Fanboy,” longtime San Diego musician Ben Johnson stars as Fred Proehl, a drummer and over-the-top fan who loves a group called Xenos so much, he is willing to do pretty much anything to be able to say he’s with the band….

KARLA PETERSON, San Diego Union Tribune

The performance scenes are visceral — packed with the twin awkwardness and energy of playing small venues..


Super fun Rock and Roll murder mystery! A love letter to the indie San Diego music / bar scene. Lots of twists and turns with a killer soundtrack. A DIY film making gem.


If you are into indie music you have to check it out!! I got Jim Jarmusch vibes with the eclectic cast of characters and the killer soundtrack. Ben Johnson taps into the underground music scene and tour life as only someone in the know could do. And he totally shreds on drums! 😉 I’m from San Diego and it was so awesome seeing the music venues I love like The Casbah, The Whistle Stop and The Ken Club. 🤘


I am blown away! I’m so impressed with the film. Super cool story with a ton of suspense and twists. The soundtrack is rocking. I hope the soundtrack gets released… are you kidding me Hot Snakes, Long and Short of it, Tourettes Lautrec, Red Fang and so much more. I moved from SD 20 years ago and the bar scenes from all the hot spots bring me right back to the incredible music scene and awesome players


In these days of huge blockbuster films with mega budgets and little soul -FanBoy was a great shift in a different direction. Fanboy is fun, creative, relatable and entertaining. I truly enjoyed this film.


Such a great movie! Ben Johnson’s character had me glued. Such an awesome storyline. If you like good music, Mexican beer and horror, 10/10 would recommend!

ALLIE, Fangirl

Did not expect the plot twist. Great date night movie.


Get ready for a good time with a new, soon-to-be cult classic that exposes the twisted underbelly of the San Diego music scene. Grab your popcorn and a refreshing beverage and see what these independent film makers have brought to life with this intelligent and intense dark comedy thriller that’ll keep you guessing all the way to the end.

CJ & LIL J, Fanboy and Fangirl

You cannot get any more DIY than this film. And I for one adore it.

A locally made movie by people who cherish their scene and want to tell a story from what they know and love. A stunning example of what can be accomplished with dedication, talent, teamwork, and an unwavering dedication to the vision. Yes, there are flaws. Like bruises from a mosh pit they’re worn proudly, unblinkingly, and with the same attitude musicians have when they head out onto a stage for five people and still find it within themselves to give it their all.

If you loved “Decline of Western Civilization I” or “RepoMan”, you’ll dig this.

MAYNARD C., Fanboy

Raw and intense. Wonderful punk-ish rock scene and sounds. Well done!


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